Amber - Essential Oil

Pinus succinefera

Our Amber Essential Oil is extracted from the fossilised sap of the giant prehistoric conifer pines of Pinus Succinefera mined from the majestic Himalayan ranges in India. The oil is extracted using the process of dry distillation in which amber resins are melted over high heat (about 350 Celsius) without oxygen to yield a dark, viscous oil with an extremely tenacious smoky, resinous, woody aroma.

The word Amber often conjures the image of the golden gemstone obtained from fossilized tree resin that usually captures plant and animal matter in its formation. Hardened and petrified more than forty million years ago, Amber Resin still contains terpenes and similar hydrocarbons that were characteristic of Pinus Succinifera; making the Amber Resin Oil similar in its composition and properties to essential oils obtained from living plants.

Note Classification - Base (Excellent Fixative)
Extraction Method - Dry Distillation
Parts Used - Resin

Other Names - Oleum succini

Benefits & Uses

As an ingredient in cosmetic and skincare formulations, Amber oil is known to be highly versatile. Amber oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which helps to heal minor skin damage, such as cuts, scrapes, burns and acne scars, as well as also getting rid of the harmful microbes. It is also known to prevent moisture loss and thus keeping the skin hydrated. The antioxidants in Amber Essential Oil accelerates skin regeneration, increasing the skin's firmness and elasticity, providing an overall anti-aging effect.

Energetically & Emotionally

Known for its soothing, anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties, Amber oil is suitable for use in the bath, diffusers, massage and meditation blends and outdoor sprays. This aroma is further reputed to have an energising and refreshing influence on the mood while helping to keep the emotions grounded. In perfumery, Amber provides unique and interesting nuances in natural perfumes.

Precautions & Safety Information

  • Potential skin irritant to dilute accordingly
  • Not suitable during pregnancy

IMPORTANT NOTICE - We do not recommend that Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, or Hydrosols be taken internally unless under the supervision of a trained professional who is has qualified in clinical Aromatherapy - specifically in using these items internally. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.