Pumpkin Seed - Carrier Oil

Cucurbita pepo

Pumpkin Seed Oil, also called Pepita Oil, is cold-pressed from the emerald green seeds of Cucurbita pepo. The cold-pressed method of extraction is preferable because it allows the oil to retain its beneficial antioxidants that would be lost or damaged due to heat exposure.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids (including Linoleic and Linolenic acid), and Vitamins C and E - trust it for rejuvenating mature skin, scar care, and for creating a more even skin tone. There are two main types of pumpkins from which the oil is obtained, both of the Cucurbita plant genus: one is Cucurbita pepo, and the other is Cucurbita maxima.

Extraction Method - Cold Pressed
Parts Used - Seeds

Other Names - Squash, Summer Sqaush, Pepita

Therapeutic & Skincare

Rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, Pumpkin Seed Oil goes deep into the skin and help in retaining its natural moisture. Therefore, it is considered as a super-food for our skin. Also rich in plant sterols, Pumpkin Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to two micro-nutrients Zinc and Selenium present in it, which can improve swelling from acne or other skin troubles like dry skin conditions.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is a storehouse of potent antioxidants, which protects our skin cells from oxidative damages, thereby giving it a young and beautiful appearance. The oil comes packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, which also contribute to its anti-aging capacities. The oil is rich in natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), which give the skin a radiant and youthful look by facilitating exfoliation and encouraging cell regeneration.

Hair Care

Pumpkin Oil is rich in phytosterols which have historically been linked to promoting healthy hair growth. It is thought they phytosterols help block enzymes such as 5-alpha in the scalp that play a part in hair loss.

The Omega 3 / 6 antioxidant content of Pumpkin gives protection to the hair follicle, helping prevent split ends and being an excellent additive to formulations for haircare products intended for dry and damaged hair.

Precautions & Safety Information

  • Do not use in conjuction with blood pressure medication (medicinally)

IMPORTANT NOTICE - We do not recommend that Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, or Hydrosols be taken internally unless under the supervision of a trained professional who is has qualified in clinical Aromatherapy - specifically in using these items internally. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.