Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown.

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Well here we are at another lockdown and another time where we are left wondering what is going on with the world.

We have been open in The Gauntlet for just over 6 months now and we have had to close for at least three of them in total, we can't believe where the time has gone!!

Firstly, we want to thank all who have helped us get prepared, helped set up the shops and for every single person that has been along to say hi, purchase something or even just pop in to taste a tea that we had on the menu at a weekend.

Alot has been happening over the last few weeks whilst we were in the tiered system and then being told that we are now having to close for at least a month!!
We have been busy a lot of the time with making and charging stock, trying to figure out the best way to sort out the website and the Etsy store all whilst trying to get some personal family time included too! finishing off the orders for shipping that were held up due to the Post Office stopping the delivery of parcels outside the U.K. as i'm sitting here this evening thinking of things to write I wonder if there is anything any of the readers want to see or hear from us.

When I was thinking of writing this blog I had so much that I wanted to share and there have been a few different sentences and paragraphs that have been deleted as I never know if that is the right thing to say or not, should that matter? Should this be a space for me/us to write what we feel and think  - no holes barred??? (i had the picyure of sex in the city for a minute there)
Who can say what is right or what is wrong (barring my own voice inside my head)  I think these blogs should be here for everyone to get some kind of insight to who we are as people instead of the person behind the counter giving some advice on crystals, candles or herbs etc etc.

So whats happening now?

Well as i'm sure you all know we are not sitting around on our behinds doing nothing, we have been looking at how the shops are laid out and have decided to change things up a bit!! We are realising that it just doesn't flow so be prepared for a couple of changes!
We also have a couple of new products coming out which we are going to be showing off on soical media as well as our NEW YOU TUBE CHANNEL!!!!  There are a few of our new kits that we want to show people how to get the best out of them so we will be releasing a few of these in due course.

Chris has been the driving force for this and he has now painstakingly wrote three courses so far (instead of his books) and there are a few more coming now, as i'm sure you can all understand these do take time and we want to make sure that they are the best they ca be and to have the right certification attached to them. If theres is something that you have seen advertised on there and want to be notified when they become available give us a message or sign up to our newletter (when we get around to writing one).

Our courses are all certified and we are working towards obtaining acreditation to be a registered training school. There will be parts of the courses which will have tutorials o the YOUTUBE CHANNEL too!! I can;t wait to be the model!! 

How cool is that?!?!

just a couple of things we have happening at the moment.

Well thank you for reading another blog and I guess I better leave it there, we hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe 2021!!! We look forward to seeing you all again in The Gauntlet when we are allowed to open again!!

For now goodnight everyone

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