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Tarot for Beginners

Have your ever wanted to learn to read the Tarot Cards? Well, now you can with this introductory course! The course teaches you the traditional meanings of the cards - but not too worry, it also works intuitively to help you bond and connect with your own cards too.

The course is based on the traditional Rider Waite Cards - but you do not need to have these to learn. Ideally, having your own deck that you feel drawn to will enhance your readings, but if in doubt, these are a good place to start.

The Tarot can be used to give insight or perspective on a situation that may be unseen or hidden. It can also give you a heads up on things that are coming your way in life. Some will profess that the Tarot does not 'tell fortunes' however, in most cases, it does give a glimpse of what may be coming in the future.

Tarot for Beginners Enrolment

  • Online Classes Only - £57.00
  • Online Classes plus Tarot for Beginners Starter Pack - £70.00
    (See below for items included in the starter pack)

Class Materials

This class has two payment options.
- Option 1 is for the online class only.
- Option 2 offers a material pack (which will be sent out to you in the post includes a notebook journal, pen and a deck of traditional rider waite tarot cards).

Please ensure you select the correct option for you when enrolling for this lesson.

Class Checklist - Things you will need:

  • Pen
  • Notebook or Journal
  • Your own deck of Tarot Cards (optional)
  • Tarot for Beginners Starter Pack (optional - see class options on enrolment page)

Tarot for Beginners

Lesson 1

French & Italian Tarot
Tarot & The Kabbalah
Origins of the Rider-Waite

Lesson 2

Tarot as Divination
Choosing Your Deck

Lesson 3

Minor Arcana
Major Arcana
Court Cards
3 Card Intuitive Reading

Lesson 4

Major Arcana
Cards 0 - 7

Lesson 5

Major Arcana
Cards 8 - 15

Lesson 6

Major Arcana
Cards 16 - 21

Lesson 7

Minor Arcana - Cups
Cards Ace - 5

Lesson 8

Minor Arcana - Cups
Cards 6 - 10

Lesson 9

Minor Arcana - Pentacles
Cards Ace - 5

Lesson 10

Minor Arcana - Pentacles
Cards 6 - 10

Lesson 11

Minor Arcana - Wands
Cards Ace - 5

Lesson 12

Minor Arcana - Wands
Cards 6 - 10

Lesson 13

Minor Arcana - Swords
Cards Ace - 5

Lesson 14

Minor Arcana - Swords
Cards 6 - 10

Lesson 15

Court Cards - Cups
The Celtic Cross Spread

Lesson 16

Court Cards - Pentacles
Decision Tree Spread

Lesson 17

Court Cards - Wands
The Then, Now and Coming Spread

Lesson 18

Court Cards - Swords
The Calendar Spread

Lesson 19

Putting it all together
Trusting your feelings